Sun Peaks Utility Co., Ltd. has worked successfully with Central Interior Pumps over the past 5 years.  We have hired them to do well installations, pump replacements, rehabilitation of wells, rehabilitation of one of our water treatment plant's green sand filters.  In addition they provide stand-by well services over critical Christmas and New Year's holidays.

We have found Central Interior Pumps to be a very professional,  efficient, and knowledgeable company to work with and we would certainly recommend them.

-Pat Miller, Manager, Sun Peaks Utility Services





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BC Groundwater Consulting Services Ltd has had the pleasure of working with Central Interior Pumps (CIP) for approximately 8 years.  They have assisted us with the following projects:  pump installations, pumping tests up to 2000 USgpm, operations of water utilities, residential water treatment, well sterilization, and rehabilitation.

BC Groundwater has incorporated CIP as an integral member of our team to successfully complete projects.  Employees of CIP are knowledgeable, independent, and trustworthy.  We appreciate the value that CIP places on quality of work even in the face of tight deadlines.  They are highly recommended for any project.

-Thierry Carriou, M.Sc., P Eng, Hydrogeologist, BC Groundwater Consulting Services Ltd.